Instructions for use Xtrazex

Instructions for use Xtrazex contains detailed information about the application, which will help you to understand the dose and the method of application of the drug. The tool can be used without a doctor's prescription, but if it were the case, the query will not be superfluous.

Instructions for use effervescent tablets Xtrazex

The application is very simple. Po tablets dissolve well in water. The instructions for Xtrazexa full glass of clean filtered or boiled water should a single pill.

Guide to Xtrazex reports that for optimum effect, you should take one tablet a day. The course duration is of 30 days, which is the number of tablets contained in the package.

The drug Xtrazex developed use, does not cause allergies and other problems. But if after treatment you will discover a new state, without a doubt, consult with a doctor.